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Casey Adkins

Casey is an Intuitive Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Influencer with experience as a patent-pending entrepreneur, leader, coach, healer, speaker, and blogger. She has a B.A. in Psychology and prior to starting her own business, she gained experience through corporate roles focused on agile leadership, employee development, quality improvement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Using her intuition and empathy, she was able to successfully lead and influence people, and results, on a different level than most. While focused on her corporate career, she used her free time to pursue her passion for learning ways to help others through alternative healing practices.  She is Six Sigma Yellow & Green Belt trained and is just as fascinated by neuroscience as she is spirituality and faith. 


Casey holds many certifications related to wellness including:

• Life Coach  

• Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner  

• Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

• Yoga Instructor

• Craniosacral Treatment Practitioner

• Reflexologist    

• Alternative Healing Practitioner   

• Trauma Practitioner and Healer


She is also certified in Mudras-healing hand positions, energy protection, boundaries, courageous conversations facilitation, and distance healing. She has over a decade of experience successfully coaching both virtually and in-person. Overall, she cultivates a holistic and wellness-focused approach, utilizing various alternative healing modalities and techniques to help positively influence holistic wellness in her clients.

Casey's Story

Casey is a mixture of unconditional love, phoenix energy, and golden heart. She is driven to inspire positive change and growth in herself and others. Casey has not allowed any of life's (MANY) struggles to define her. Adversity has only propelled her forward vs. holding her back. She consistently works to further develop her intuitive, empathic, leadership, and technical abilities to enable her to spread love’s divine energy and wisdom. 


Since childhood, Casey has experienced some of life's most traumatic events. Sexual trauma/abuse, childhood homelessness, family history of addiction & mental health issues, anxiety, and tragically so much more. Instead of seeing these as wounds or settling in a victim mindset, she's discovered that she can use these lessons to help inspire others. Her heart is as big as the sky and she wants to help people from ever feeling as low, alone, and helpless as she once did. In desperation after dealing with intense trauma, PTSD, and feeling hopelessly lost, she began her spiritual learning & self-healing journey. She was a true skeptic of EVERYTHING. However, combining deep inner work with Reiki and other holistic modalities sparked a level of resilience, positivity, motivation, and creativity that was undeniable and transformative. Her healing journey inspired her to put her nearly 15 years of successful corporate leadership behind her and pursue her passion for helping others on their path to wellness. 


Casey’s flavor of wellness is modern, relatable, and combines science & spirit. Her goal is to support you as you self-actualize through healing on all levels. She’s an eternal student and uses a variety of modalities that are attuned to your specific holistic wellness needs. Mind, Body, & Spirit. She is motivated to inspire others and be a positive light for everyone she encounters; especially those that struggle with identifying their unique talents, mission, beauty, and purpose. Fostering resilience, internal strength, and promoting loving energy to flow TO & THROUGH you is her primary objective. The key to wellness should be proactive vs. reactive in nature. Self-Care is a necessity in avoiding burnout and maintaining a healthy mindset.​

On a personal note, she is a proud Mama to an incredible 10-year-old little man, Niko. Niko is non-verbal and on the Autism Spectrum. He has inspired her to truly appreciate the importance of unconditional love, destigmatizing labels, and drive to uncover and live a unique "Spectrum" of life's possibilities. Niko motivated his Mama to be an advocate for all voices, especially her own! Niko is his Mama's muse and inspiration wrapped in a miraculous package. 

"I incorporate my education, life, and career experience into my approach as a wellness practitioner and advocate. I integrate passion, focus, and high vibe energy to assist individuals navigating their journey to positive change and empowerment. We often feel overwhelmed by life’s changing demands. My services aim to cultivate relaxation, clarity, confidence, self-love, and motivation. Society has taught us to be our own worst enemy and harshest critic. Even our greatest successes don't feel "good enough". That mentality is what keeps us in the mindset of lack, discontent, and frustration. We ALL deserve a life that is rewarding, exciting, meaningful, abundant, and full of LOVE. My unique style combines life experience, education, data, science, non-denominational spirituality, and authentic individuality fused together in alignment to promote balance and synergy in each client." -Casey

Casey's Testimonials

J. Francine

Had such and amazing Reiki session with Casey! It was so relaxing, soothing enlightening, healing and strengthening! It felt like yoga for my soul! This was such an elevating experience! So greatful   🙌 Will most definitely be back and recommend their services to any and all! 
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